By using or purchasing our product you agree with our Terms of Service

  1. Test licenses for ElixirBot are available for everyone and that includes full access to all features of product for 8 hours. They can be only obtained once for every device. After purchasing ElixirBot license you get granted full access to product for 7, 30 or 90 days. This does not apply to countries that are blocked from using our product.
  2. License is activated right after purchasing and it starts countdown no matter if product is used or not. When bought license expires it will be terminated until you purchase it again (if you want to continue using our product).
  3. To purchase license(s) you need to provide specific code for that device that is generated by our product. Code is HWID and MAC-address based (then hashed) so every device generates own code. One license can’t be used on multiple devices, only on one. If you want to move product license to another device you must ask support on Discord server or support on live chat to change your license code. Providing purchasing info (PayPal mail or other) is necessary to do that.
  4. After purchasing license(s) you don’t get any sort of codes, links or other, but you get email with message that confirms activation of license. Period of activating license varies but it is usually in 5 minutes. With purchased license(s) you get full support related to our product.
  5. Refunds are provided if product license is purchased less than 2 days before asking for refund. They are processed almost immediately from asking.
  6. Purchasing virtual machine is only once. After purchasing it you will get link to virtual machine and appropriate program for running it. Also you get support for setting it up and anything related to it. Licenses for VIP customers (those who purchased virtual machine) have discount. If you run our product in your custom virtual machine, we don’t provide any kind of support. Refund for virtual machine is not available (considering that you get full virtual machine which can’t be terminated).
  7. License and virtual machine prices can be changed in any time without any announcements.
  8. Developer of our product have full rights to cease further updates, or development in any moment without notice in advance.
  9. Any frauds, chargebacks, attempt of scamming/reverse engineering will result in cancellation of all running licenses and permanent suspension from further using our product.
  10. This product is used to work with other program/service (League of Legends) so you take full responsibility for breaking their Terms of Service and full responsibility for the accounts that you’re using with this bot and agree to use it at your own risk.
  11. Product is not intended to run on following League of Legends servers: Japan, Korea, Garena. Every problem that occurs from running product on them is not our responsibility.

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