Note: Bot GUI needs Java so make sure you have installed Java runtime environment x64 in your system.

1. When you open eixirbot.bat, minimize cmd and in bot window set path to client (LeagueClient.exe), set gametype, champion to play, etc… (read section under for more info)

2. Backup lol’s config folder so you can play with your settings when bot is not in use.

3. If you have on pc or laptop resolution 1366×768 or any low resolution that covers lol game window with taskbar enable autohide taskbar. 

4. Copy all files from bot’s config folder into lol’s config folder and be sure they are read only (right click, properties, read only should be checked). 

5. Set League of legends client resolution to 1280×720, check low spec mode and uncheck close client during game (you must be logged in to change this settings). 

6. In bot window on the right side delete pattern username:password and enter your password in same pattern (your_username:your_password).

7. Bot only work when client language set to English. Set client to English, set keyboard to English layout and make sure you are logged out from league of legends.


Path: In this field you need to put path to League of Legends.

Game type: Values can be: intro, beginner, intermediate (for coop vs ai), tft, aram.

Check collection: This field enable or disable checking for certain champion. Can be True or False.

Enable chat: Enables random messages in champion select, also can be True or False.

Champion: In this field you need to put champion name for bot to play with it.

Don’t leave any field empty! This will stop bot.

Start file 1.exe When you start it for first time you will see Not Licenced and cmd window will close.
Send your license from lic.cfg file after launching bot to our live support on the bottom right of the website or at our discord server to get licence.
Start elixirbot.bat, minimize cmd and click on start and let the bot plays. If you want to force stop the bot close gui. 

Hint: If bot logs in and click on collection and then stops or it wont enter username and password, go to start, type adjust cleartype text, enable it, click next next next… restart everything and start again

Starting bot: Launch elixirbot.bat, minimize cmd and click on start
 Updating bot: Just restart it to apply update (or download whole bot if it’s written in change-log)
Safestop bot: Pause bot (use F5) and click safestop in gui window
Pause bot: Holding F5 ingame (won’t work if bot currently buy item or recalls)
Force stop bot: Closing GUI will close everything (League of legends window also)