Use this Helper only if you followed every single step from install guide below. If you are experiencing some error or some unusual bugs write here and we will try to find solution for you. Check file log.txt for any errors (and write whole error here) or enter what bot exactly did (like: entered /\ instead of :\, bot stays afk in base...).

Bot GUI needs Java to run so make sure you install the latest version of java on your machine.
Make sure to make a backup on your league of legends config files. You can access these files by right clicking your league of legends shortcut > Right click open file location > Click back to Riot games folder > League of Legends > Config
The bot will only work when client language is set to English. Set client to English & set keyboard to English layout. Make sure you are logged out from league of legends when doing this.
1. After downloading elixirbot it is necessary to unpack it (don’t run it from rar file directly, it won’t work), open the bot Config folder and copy & paste those files into the league of legends config folder (right click on your league of legends shortcut > Right click open file location > Click back to Riot games folder > League of Legends > Config) and make sure they are read only.
2. If you are using the bot on your PC or laptop with resolution 1366×768 or any low resolution that covers league of legends game window with taskbar, enable autohide taskbar by right clicking your taskbar > taskbar settings > automatically hide the taskbar in ( ) mode. Also make sure your desktop scale is on 100% (go right click on desktop and then display settings, you will find scale there). Bot can’t work if you have resolution over 1920×1080 or lower than 1366×768
3. Log into league of legends and go to your client settings. Set League of Legends client resolution to 1280×720. Check low spec mode and uncheck close client during game.
4. After finishing all steps, when you run elixirbot.bat file, make sure every settings are correct, that includes path to league, gamemode, account etc.. (find all fields available values on bottom of the page). Before running bot, make sure windows defender is disabled, or any other antivirus, it knows to delete some important files for bot to run.
5. IMPORTANT: When you start 1.exe for first time you will see “Not Licenced” and cmd window will then close. After that, open lic.cfg and send the code to our support team by opening a ticket. The team will then activate your trial license. You may request a free trial before purchasing by opening a ticket requesting a free trial. To run the bot, start elixirbot.bat and a cmd window will load. Minimize the cmd window when the GUI appears or the bot will stop working after some time. Click start for the bot to start doing its job (make sure you followed every step). 


Path: In this field you need to put your path to League of Legends application. 

Game type: You can set value to; intro, beginner, intermediate (for coop vs ai), tft, aram (always use lower caps, as written here).

Check collection: This field enables or disables checking for certain champion. Set this to True if you want to check collection or False if you want the bot to skip collection check. 

Enable chat: Enables random messages in champion select, also can be True or False (watch out for first letter, it's capital).

Champion: In this field you need to put the name of the champion you want the bot to use. (Soraka is recommended).
Simply follow all steps, enter account you want to bot, click start and bot will do everything automatically. Sometimes bot will wait couple seconds for loading everything correctly before starting, don’t touch anything or close bot, that will stop it. If you create new account, click start and the bot will log into league of legends using the login you provided. You MUST manually accept league terms of service. After you accept TOS, the bot will proceed to pick a summoner name. It will use the same name as the login name you provided. After picking a name, it will proceed to do the tutorial. After the tutorial is complete, it will load league of legends again and proceed to play with the values you set. Everything from here will be automatic.
Starting bot: Launch elixirbot.bat, minimize cmd and click on start Updating bot: Just restart it to apply update (or download whole bot if it’s written in change-log). Don’t start or close bot while it updates!
Pause bot: Holding F5 ingame (won’t work if bot currently buy item or recalls)
Safestop bot: Pause bot (use F5) and click safestop in gui window
Force stop bot: Closing GUI will close everything (League of legends window also)