ElixirBot V2.118

-Now you can be already logged in (no need to be logged out from League to use bot)

-Fixed not passing I’m in button

-Fixed stucking when someone leaves champ select couple times

-Fixed not closing email verification

-Other minor bugs fixed

Restart bot to apply update (don’t press start before it updates)

ElixirBot V2.108

-Added continuing game while game is running (if you are already in game and want bot to finish it just run 1.exe and let the bot finish that game. Note that closing gui will close League also so be careful with that)

Restart bot to apply update

ElixirBot V2.106

-Bot now plays TFT (he don’t just stay afk as before, now it plays regularly)

-Fixed buying same items multiple times in ARAM

-Fixed stop at 30 lvl bug

Restart bot to apply new update


New gui for ElixirBot is released. it requires java so make sure you have installed Java Runtime Environment 64bit version. Now you need to open elixirbot.bat file and when cmd opens minimize it and gui will appear. It is pretty much same as old one for navigation and setting up everything.

This GUI fixes not opening 1.exe after long run, and it will restart bot if it’s inactive for long time.

Download bot and replace all files

ElixirBot V2.102

-Fixed tutorial games bug

-Fixed stop at 30 lvl bug

-Fixed won’t click on play button sometimes

-Added clearing temp folder (removing temp files that bot uses)

Restart bot to auto update it

ElixirBot V2.0

ElixirBot V2.0

Elixir bot version 2.0 was released. There are new features included in this version:

-Added aram mode (for gametype put aram)

-Added stop bot when account reaches 30 level (optionally)

-Added buying suggested items for every hero

-Added auto load and save configuration

-Fixed slow response to first appearing of accept button

-Fixed stopping bot after long running (more than one day)

Download new bot and replace all files (auto update is not recommended because bot have some new pictures)

ElixirBot V1.501

  • fixed returning client to center screen that causes clicking on wrong place
  • added more afk time for tft

Restart bot to apply update or click on update button if you have old GUI version

ElixirBot V1.5

  • Added Teamfight tactics (for gameType set tft to enable it)

    With the “TFT bot” you’ll be able to grind Tokens for event passes which you can use to buy Champions, Orbs, which will result in skins, the prestige Skins that come with almost every eventpass and many more things! All you need for the TFT bot is the eventpass so that the tokens will be added to your account. The bot will automatically surrender after around 10 minutes so that you get maximum value.

    Download bot and replace all files

ElixirBot V1.413

  • Fixed accidentally clicking on send email button instead of bypassing it
  • Fixed closing appearing key fragment that covers send email button
  • Fixed other bugs that fails email bypass

    Restart bot to apply update or click on update button if you have old GUI version

ElixirBot V1.410

  • Added clicking ok on network error appearing
  • Added auto update (when bot starts it will check for updates automatically, no need to click manually on update)

    Download bot and replace all files

ElixirBot V1.409

  • Fixed clicking on skip in tutorial while it’s still unable to click
  • Added restarting client when find match is gray and unable to start game
  • Fixed bypass
  • Fixed won’t search for soraka in champion select
  • Fixed clicking on buy hero too early (while screen is not loaded)

    Click on update button

ElixirBot V1.407

  • Fixed stucking on findmatch trying to find accept and not restarting at all
  • Fixed not opening 1.exe after running bot for long time

    Download whole bot and replace all files

ElixirBot V1.402

  • Fixed returning client on center after email verification bypass

    Click on update button (if you didn’t downloaded bot and replaced files after V1.4 update do it now)

ElixirBot V1.401

  • Fixed client moving out of top left corner on end game (that causes miss clicking on play again)
  • Will choose more heroes in champ select when couple of it are chosen

    Click on update button

ElixirBot V1.303

  • added choosing with which hero bot will play (in config.cfg add new line: champion=soraka or sivir. You can put whatever hero you want bot to play with but bot will buy sivir’s item for other heroes, for soraka there is different items adjusted for it)

    Click on update button, edit config file or download bot and replace config file (if you don’t edit file bot will play with sivir by default)

ElixirBot V1.301

  • Added safestop on holding F4 (that will close gui but not cmd window)
  • Added disabling chat messages (in config.cfg add this in new line: enableChat=True to enable messages or set it to False to disable it)

    Click on update button and edit config file or download bot and replace config file from there

ElixirBot V1.3

  • fixed error on selecting champ and exiting from champ select
  • fixed won’t click on party button sometimes
  • added random chat messages
  • reduced time for searching some images

    Click on update button