Note: Before purchasing check out below how you can test the bot first

Choose duration
Code from lic.cfg file

Note that paypal needs time to send money, so be patient, license will be activated as soon as we receive money.

If you like our bot you can buy it or get trial version so you can test it first. For trial, go to our discord server and ask for trial license. Our staff is very responsive so you can start it very quick.

If you want to buy license you can do it with btc, eth, ltc… Contact our live support, or on our discord. We will help u activate your license.

PayPal is not available as payment option.

How to buy on discord?

You can buy ElixirBot by sending money to Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin address either through discord or directly to our live support. When u pay on discord open a request at channel:


on discord server with your purchase data.


90 days – 12.99

30 days – 6€

7 days – 3.5€

Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin:

BTC : 3GZDYu4XgCCW84Hb1jiU7mtwm7NjrV2ogF

ETH : 0xc1C9C866aF6CF3f8e58ffD9b9921D1FE850fE77A

LTC : MPT1pvVtkF4vaneZKTE55LG7J1BrAPToD8

Refund policy:

You can ask for refund 48 hours from buying license. Refund does not apply to purchased vip.

Any frauds, chargebacks will lead to a suspension