Archive 2020

ElixirBot V2.118

-Now you can be already logged in (no need to be logged out from League to use bot)

-Fixed not passing I’m in button

-Fixed stucking when someone leaves champ select couple times

-Fixed not closing email verification

-Other minor bugs fixed

Restart bot to apply update (don’t press start before it updates)

ElixirBot V2.108

-Added continuing game while game is running (if you are already in game and want bot to finish it just run 1.exe and let the bot finish that game. Note that closing gui will close League also so be careful with that)

Restart bot to apply update

ElixirBot V2.106

-Bot now plays TFT (he don’t just stay afk as before, now it plays regularly)

-Fixed buying same items multiple times in ARAM

-Fixed stop at 30 lvl bug

Restart bot to apply new update